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  • As cameras and smartphones have gotten better, there's been an explosion in photographs taken.  Your favorite photos need someone to speak for them.  You can do that.  We want to help you. People love to look at photographs. But they want to do it in an interesting way.  Not sitting with you going through image after image on a small screen. 
  • That's where Memories-Annapolis comes in. We are a small Annapolis-based enterprise designed to produce high quality HD video photo slide shows.  Share them on YouTube, Facebook – any variety of social media -- and/or your home's smart TV.  It's up to you!
  •  Take a look at a few video samples below:   



The Navy's Blue Angels fly over Maryland's capital city in preparation for the U.S. Naval Academy graduation. Thousands turn out along the banks of Annapolis' Severn River and in their boats on the river! This video slide show has about 20 slides and is incredibl y effective. 

Vacation Tour to the Biltmore

This is from a vacation tour to the Biltmore Estate near Asheville, NC. Built by the Vanderbilt family in the late 19th Century, it is a popular destination for thousands. You can see why here. 

An Iceland Winter Vacation

This video slide show incorporates about 50 smartphone photos taken on a tour to Iceland in 2017. It's a fun way to share with others what you saw and did! It's a good pace to keep the viewer involved and smiling!

505 Int'l Sailing Championship in Annapolis, September 2017

This video sllde show has about 65 images included in a fast-paced show designed to show off the regatta and the people and boats participating! 

Suggestions for You!

Vacations & Travel


What an opportunity to show those important to you where you've been and what you've seen in a fun, quick way that shows you value them.

Anniversaries/Special Birthdays


A great fun way to show someone special how much you care with a video photo slide show retrospective.

Birth of Child/First Birthday


What is more important than this. Everyone wants to see the new baby. Same with the first birthday -- or any special birthday in the child's life. Do it in a unique and special way.



Parents and grandparents delight in watching youth sports -- lacrosse, football, baseball, any of the activities that enrich lives and show growth. Make those special images live forever!



Certainly the passing of a loved one is sad.  Bring those special life events together in such a way as to bring smiles and tears of a life well lived! You and your family will also have something to pass on to future generations.



What a great time to show the bride and groom as they grew up. Great for wedding reception, showers, or bachelor parties. Your friends will have images from the wedding. Gather them, then host a post-wedding party to debut them. 

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