Frequently Asked Questions

How long should my photo slideshow be?

There's no fixed answer.  We have found that 8 to 12 minutes keeps viewers attention -- be they family or friends. As the show gets longer, attention can wane. For example, we've found younger folks (18-25) appreciate 3 to 6 minutes. Remember they've grown up watching television and commercials. You don't want to do what our fathers and grandfathers did with Super 8 film -- and bore us into insensibility. 

We have a ton of old family photos. Isn't it tough to keep something like this short? We'll miss so many. 

This is the exception. Family members enjoy looking at heirloom images, especially done in an interesting way. These shows bring lots of smiles, lots of laughs, and even a few tears. Remember, shows like this are designed to live for decades and to go into safe deposit boxes for future generations.

Is there a set number of images for an amount of time?

50 images will  turn into a nicely paced 3 to 5 minute show. Depending on content, it could run to 7 minutes. 100 images, up to about 14 minutes.

What kind of image formats work?

Jpgs work great. We can work with a variety of formats.  Not to make your head hurt, but ideal images should be roughly 1000 pixels on the horizontal side at 240 DPI or above. If you have images in your computer (vs. your smartphone), you can right click on the image in your folder, then click "Properties," then "Details" and see all kinds of data. If you're really worried, call us! Generally speaking, not to worry. 

What about pictures to be scanned?

If you do it yourself, your images should be 300 DPI. Have questions about this, call. 

Do you do scanning? 

Sure and each level shows our threshold. If it exceeds that number we have an added charge. 

Do we have to meet face-to-face? 

No. We enjoy meeting our customers. But we can do just about everything online, with the exception of getting any images you need scanned. We'll get your final DVDs to you using the U.S. Postal Service or UPS or FedEx. On the other hand, if you want to meet us, we'll be happy to set up a convenient time. 

How do I get old photos to be scanned to you?

Best bet, Priority Mail from the US Postal Service. It's fast, economical and you can track your shipment. Use USPS' free boxes/envelopes. Protect your images like you would valuables. Wrap them well and use cardboard so they aren't folded!

Can I use video clips? 

If you have them digitally, yes. Old super 8 works but needs to be copied and transferred. Costly and time consuming. We cannot do it. We don't recommend it. Also remember that the typical scene in a movie or commercial is less than 5 seconds. If you'd like to use old movie film, give us a call so we can talk about it. 

Is music important, and how does it work?

It is very important. It sets a tone. We really want your input. The best way is for you to tell us what music you think would work. Under copyright and intellectual property laws, you have to own the tracks. If need be, we can order a music selection for you inexpensively. If you own the CD or vinyl, then we can use it for you without additional charges.

Are there extra charges?

There could be. If we have to buy music tracks, we'll pass on that cost. If we have to scan images in addition to the quantity stated in our Levels, we'll charge you 50-cents per scan. (You'll get your scanned images on a separate CD with your show.) If you want to narrate your show, that will be a charge we will discuss with you. Voice narration is an art -- and a difficult art. 

How do you handle charges?

Efficient, easy way is using PayPal or Square. Each uses your credit card. We require a 50% deposit on ordering a show based on the Level you select, and the remainder on your approval of the final draft. 

Where will my final show go? 

If you're planning a  party or family get together, we provide you with a  DVD you can put into your smart TV. Or if your planning a special event in a hall, you'll be able to show it on a big screen there. (Work with your venue's contact for details on how to do it.) With your approval, we'll put your show on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, or your social media of choice. YouTube and Vimeo are great ways to share your show with friends and family worldwide!  At no cost!

What got you into this business? 

We believe in the power of photography and the picture. We found too many images are simply lying dormant in smartphones and computers -- including ours! We believe that your favorite images are like your children: It's fun to talk about them and to show them off.  Plus, we know that millions of photos that should be scanned for future family generations are simply disappearing. We want to take a small step to stop that! We also think that differentiates us. We care!